Still about Evita


So I’m still reading my good old Santa Evita. I’ve been sick these last couple of days, so that hasn’t helped my reading, but today I decided to sit and just read it as much as I could. The reading does make me a little dizzy, but I have managed to read about a dozen pages so far.

It’s funny how she somehow inspires me. As much as I know she was made into a legend by the peronist propaganda and all that, it is still undeniable that she would work 24 hours a day, seven days a week — even when she was about to die — for the good of her country. For her grasitas. For her descamisados. She would actually attend people herself, listen to their stories, give them new houses, layettes, dentures, medical treatments… Things which  I wish I could do myself (although not at the same level of public exposure).

Another thing that somewhat amazes me are the names people (or, again, the government, but people would actually call her by those names, as bizarre as they might be) would call her. Like “Spiritual Mother of the Nation”, for instance. It reminds me of certain evangelical churches down here in Brazil nowadays… And how mcuh of a powerful weapon functional illiteracy can be.


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