Honeymoon: la Vila Olímpica de Poblenou

So on our second day in Barcelona, we took the red tour bus and went out for some sightseeing. And this was our first stop that day: the olympic village/neighborhood of Barcelona. So this first picture shows the olympic torch monument. It seems quite futuristic to me, even though I know it was designed a decade ago for the 1992 Olympics. I actually think that it looks like a rocket ready to be launched (OK, I know I sound like a 3-year-old now, but it’s true!).

This is (a part of) the olympic Stadium. It’s quite a nice stadium, although in no way comparable to Camp Nou — Barça’s stadium (which is amazing!). But that will be further explained in another post 🙂

These are the fountains of the Parc Olimpic. The water was a little dirty with all the algae and stuff, but still the fountains were working and it was beatiful anyway.

Oh, and see how in all three pictures above the sky is blue, but appears to have a very thin layer of clouds in some spots? Well, for some reason — which I have been trying to figure out up until this very moment — there were lots of these white smoke trails in the sky, like from air demonstrations or something similar. They were all over the sky, all day long. And there weren’t any local military-themed holydays while we were staying there. There must be an air force training center near the city, I guess.

And this is the MNac — the National Museum of Catalonian Art. We didn’t go inside, because we had a long day ahead of us and lots of other places to visit and all that, but we did stop by to take a few pictures — like virtually every other building in Barcelona, the MNac’s is a work of art itself — and also to enjoy the sight, since the museum is on the top of the most famous hill of all Barcelona — the Montjuïc — and from up there you can have a great view of the city.

There was also this guy at the foot of the MNac, playing silly songs on his keyboard for change. It was funny how people would all sit on the stairs and watch him play — even though he was quite a lousy player. Maybe they were just there for the sight and listening to him was just a consequence. But mostly not, because I would hear people applaud him every now and then, and sometimes even go to his little shack and give him money. The same with human statues. At La Rambla, every five steps there would be a small crowd of people taking pictures of them, like they were a tourist attraction themselves — some people would even pay to have their pictures taken with them! I mean, whyyy??? Tourists can be so gullible sometimes! 🙂


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