Santa Evita

You’re not going to believe this, but remember I said I was reading a book named “Santa Evita”, by Tomas Eloy Martinez, about the fate of Evita Peron’s body after her death?

Yeah, that was a long time ago.

And the truth is I still haven’t finished reading it yet.

I know it sounds lazy, especially for someone who intends to be a writer someday, but in my defense I must say that, aside from the fact that I’ve recently gotten married — and the whole wedding planning plus getting used to the new life (which now includes washing the dishes practically everyday, doing the laundry and organizing — although little by little — our new home, among other things) can be pretty exhaustive –, and that I’m a lawyer who works a lot of extra hours, the book doesn’t help much, either.

I mean, I like the theme. Evita’s life (and, in this case, her death, too) will never cease to interest me, and the more I read about her — and especially about the effect that she had in the Argentinean people –, the more I become amazed by her.

And it’s not like I don’t like the author’s style, either. In fact I think he writes pretty well. He sometimes even makes me smile — which is not a very common thing and happens mostly when I read something that sounds poetic and ironic at the same time. I just love that. And Argentineans tend to be good at doing it.

Still, I guess it’s because I kind of already know (although not in detail) what happens in the end. I think that not knowing what the end will be is what makes me want to read a book until the last page. Of course there are other factors that encourage (or discourage) me to read a book, but I guess curiosity must be the most important of them all.

Anyway, since I have this thing where I can’t start reading another book until I finish the previous one, I’ve proposed myself to read 10 pages/day so that I can finish reading it within a month or so, and then finally be able to start reading another book.


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