Honeymoon: Mirador de Colom

This was one of my husband’s favorite monuments of the city of Barcelona. I recently came to discover that this was built in 1888, for the Universal Exhibition — the first one (the second one was in 1929) — as a reminder of the discovery of America.

This reminds me of something that really impressed me about Barcelona. Everywhere you go, you can see a work of art — a building, a wall, a park, or even a monument, like the mirador — that was intended to be there, that has a reason — and most times, a historical reason — for being right there in that specific place.

For me, what is really remarkable about Barcelona is how every inch of that city seems to have been meticulously planned — every inch, every street, every corner. In fact, I don’t know if it’s exactly true, but I heard that the corners of Barcelona were intentionally shapped into smooth, open curves because the Barcelonan architects believed that, in the future, the urban transportation would all be made on rails.

This is just amazing to me. Not too many cities in the world think so much about their infrastructure. Their airport has impressed me as well. I have a theory that you can tell how organized a city is by its airport. I know this by experience. If you ever come down to Cumbica Airport you’ll know what I’m talking about the minute you step into it 🙂


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