São Paulo, the land of drizzle

São Paulo is known for that nickname a terra da garoa (the land of drizzle, in a free translation). If I’m not mistaken, this is due to the fact that the city is located on a plateau/mountain chain — called Serra da Mantiqueira — that is relatively close to the coast. The warm see breeze blows over the mountains and gets to São Paulo, but then the air gets cold due to the altitude and that’s why it drizzles every now and then. Although History tells that there used to be more drizzle around here back in the day than there is now, due to the climate changes brought about by industrialization, all the sky scratchers and stuff, it still drizzles quite often in São Paulo. And even though I don’t like it when I have to walk on the street and it’s drizzling, the drizzle somehow inspires me. Somehow it’s like it makes the city look more poetic to me.


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