About Brazilian cuisine

So now that I’m learning how to cook and practicing on a more regular basis, I thought that maybe I could share a few Brazilian recipes here, so that people can get to know another different aspect of Brazilian culture.

And what could be a better example of a Brazilian dish than Brazilian rice?

We Brazilians eat rice (usually together with beans) on a daily basis, sometimes even twice a day, at lunch and at dinner. We also usually have it with something else — meat, chicken, pork, whatever. The recipe varies a bit depending on the cook, of course, but I’ll stick to the most basic one, which might be the most common one, too.

Brazilian rice


– 1/4 cup vegetable oil

– 1 garlic clove

– 1/4 of an onion

– 1 teaspoon of salt

– 1 cup of rice

– 2 cups of water


Rinse the rice several times in a bowl with fresh water until the water runs clear.

Then, chop the onion into small cubes (if you or someone who’s gonna eat the rice doesn’t like onions, chop it in very small cubes :)) and mash the garlic.

Heat the oil in a saucepan, medium heat, then add the masehd garlic. Let it fry for about half a minute, then add the chopped onion. Let it fry only until it softens and then add the rice and let fry, too, until the grains become slightly “transparent”. Now, add the water. Some people have the water boiled in a separate pan before adding it to the rice pan, but that’s not mandatory, I think. Oh, and that’s when you should add the salt, too. Then, let it cook until all the water evaporates (you can use a spoon or a fork and slightly push the rice away and be able to make sure that there is no water at the bottom of the pan). Once there’s no more water, turn off the heat and cover the pan for five more minutes and voilá! You will have cooked yourself a pan of delicious Brazilian rice 🙂


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