Bad weekend in terms of cooking etc.

So I had a kind of a bad weekend in terms of cooking and related activities. First I broke one of my wine glasses while laying it on my dish drainer… And then I had to cook while my husband was in the kitchen, which makes me a little bit uncomfortable (I’m a little insecure, you see). Maybe that’s why I ended up burning the garlic I was frying, and later overly salting the rice and having to cook a whole new pan of rice afterwards, and doing other stuff that anoyed my husband a little — he gets really anoyed when people do things like that. Like when I let the cereal bowl fall on the couch Saturday morning. But he knows I’m just like that, so although he does get anoyed at a first moment, he later forgives me and forgets about it. That’s one of the benefits of knowing someone for more than seven years before you get married to them 🙂


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