Sept 22, World Carfree Day comming up! Yay!

I remeber that I posted here last World Carfree Day and said that this year I wanted to be able to participate, so guess what? I am going to participate! Yay!

This last Tuesday was the first time I took the subway to work. I obviously felt like I was inside a tuna can, but it was only for a few stations, so I guess I can live with that. I just love that I don’t have to be stuck in traffic inside my car for about 45 minutes — while when I get the subway I take about 20-30 minutes — everyday now. I haven’t taken the subway on a rainy day so far (which will probably be alittle bit more uncomfortable with all the wet floors, wet people, wet accessories and, of course, that musty smell that I just love), but still, I think I might give up on my parking spot — for which I pay R$ 250.00 a month, againts the R$ 120.00 I should spend if I take the subway everyday — and just keep taking the subway everyday. OK, I might actually spend more than R$ 120.00/month with my transportation, since I quite frequently get out from work after 8p.m. and my husband (still not used to calling him husband!) doesn’t like me to take the subway late at night, so I might end up taking a cab back home every once in a while, but still, if I get to actually make the maths and take gas, car maintenance and all that into account, it’s still worth it.


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