And so I got married

Yes, finally, the big day came and I am now a married woman. At last! It was amazing, everything was perfect, everyone loved it, and best part: I looked great! 😛 Plus, everyone and everything looked great. My father looked like he couldn’t have been any happier his entire life. My mom looked lovely too, and my sister looked jaw-dropping gorgeous… And, of course, my fiancé — now husband — looked great, too. He always does 🙂

That week prior to the wedding was crazy, I even went to 25 de Março Street (I’ll post about that adventure here later) with my cousin and sister, plus hundreds and hundreds of other stuff…

Then the wedding came — and went by so fast, too! Amazingly, I didn’t even feel tired by the end of it.

Ok, maybe a little bit. My heels were 4” tall. Still, it was a pitty that it went by so fast.

Oh, and our pastor almost forgot to to say “the groom may now kiss the bride” — a.k.a. the most important part of a wedding cerimony! — LOL, jk –, but my fiancé kinda reminded him at last. He actually managed to say: “and the betrothed may now… Greet their bestmen/maids of honour”, andnot even for a slight moment remeber the kiss part, haha. But he’s just like that, really. Plus, it was really funny.

I want to post a few pictures of the wedding, and of our honey moon, too, but I still don’t have access to the internet at home so far (long story), and I can’t post pictures using my office computer. But I’ll post them as soon as I can. I’m excited to do it!


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