Maids of honor, bridal shower, invitations etc.

Had dinner with one of my maids of honor last night. Fun! We went to a hamburger restaurant right accross the street from my place and talked for about two hours and a half 🙂 I handed her invitation and gave her a mission: to organize (together with my sister and another one of my maids of honor) my bridal shower! She loved it. I wish I had the time to organize it myself — it’s so much fun! But I don’t, so I’ll have to delegate this task to my beloved maids of honor 🙂

I need to go to the post office today to deliver some of our wedding invitations. A part of my fiancé’s family lives in Portugal, and although we imagine they won’t come to the wedding, we still want to invite them. And since he’s out of town with his whole family, I’m the one in charge of sending theinvitations via mail. But it’s fine, ’cause there’s a post office two blocks away from where I work. And it’s always nice to take a little walk outside after lunchtime.


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  1. Thanks!
    I don’t think we have an actual “theme” for our wedding. It’s not exactly common here in Brazil, I think. We’re getting married in a traditional venue in São Paulo. It’s a closed space, but they have like a little plaza outside, so that’s where we’re gonna have our religious cerimony — which will be decorated with lots of little white flowers (Gypsophila, to be accurate :)) and some candles along the isle. For our party/reception, we’ll have the dinner tables decorated with yellow and orange flowers of various kinds… And, of course, a nice dance-floor, too! 🙂

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