Wine, novel, trips etc.

Last night I went out to dinner with my dad, his girlfriend and her sister. It was fun — my dad’s in-laws are fun to be around with in general. we went to an Italian restaurant near home. We all had a little of my dad’s favorite wine in the world — Brunello di Montalcino* — and some delicious pasta. I chose a tagliarini al pesto con aragosta. Yum!

Then we walked back home — it was cold as hell — and my dad’s gf, her sister and I got to talking  a bit. Watched some videos on youtube, laughed, and then I printed out a few chapters of my novel for them to read them when they had the chance. They started reading the first one together in the kitchen, but it was late and we were all sleepy. My dad’s gf said she’d read it attentiously and give me an honest feedback. I’m looking forward to it. And I hope they like it. I did 🙂

My boyfriend is in Toronto with his family right now. They’re doing Toronto and New York as they’re last family trip with all of the “kids” together — i.e., single.

My mom and my sister have also traveled, but to the country, to see my grandparents and the rest of the family. All my cousins are there, my uncle, my aunts, everyone — except for me! 😦 I just couldn’t go, obviously because of my work. But I really wish I could have. I miss being there with everyone.

So meanwhile I’m trying to arrange dates with my best buddies from school and from college/Law school so that I can hand them their invitations to my wedding. Apparently I’m going to meet my Law school friends on Sunday the 29th, and my school friends this Saturday. Can’t wait to see them all again! It’s been so long since we’ve last seen each other.

I’m also trying to plan a dinner with one of my maids of honor –I told her yesterday that we should try to have it today, but since I went to bed so late last night I’m thinking about rescheduling it for next week. I should try to go to bed early today. This morning I was barely able to get up on time for work. I was supposed to have gone to the gym, but I obvisouly wasn’t able to. I might go tomorrow if everything goes the way I want.

Let’s see what happens.

* Actually his #1 favorite wine in the world is the Rosso di Montalcino, so the Brunello would be like his #2 favorite. But they’re both very close in the rank.


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