One more wedding gift!

One of my boyfriend’s aunts got us a blender. Yay! That’s such an important item for me. I love making milk shakes — not so much the ones with ice cream, but I really like shaking milk with different fruit for breakfast. Don’t know if I’ll have much time to do that, but anyway. I want to learn some nice recepies, too. I actually like cooking — even though I don’t know much how to. All I can cook is rice, beans (althought I’ve only made beans once) — and, of course, ommelettes, fried beefs, noodles (haha) and frozen lasagna increased with peeled tomatos and requeijão (a sort of a Brazilian cream cheese).

But I’m eager to learn 🙂

Oh, and I do know how (and love) to make cookies, too! So I hope my next wedding gift is a small oven, in which I can bake my cookies 🙂

I think I should experiment in the kitchen this weekend. My boyfriend will be out of town till next week, so I’ll have a lot of free time to do that on the weekend.


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