May 1st etc.

So, back from the short holiday. It was fun, I had an awesome day with my boyfriend – we had brunch at a famous bakery/emporium called Galeria dos Pães, then we went to the park (Villalobos park), and then we went to my dad’s, parked my car there and walked to the closest hamburger restaurant we could find. Then we walked a couple more blocks to see if we could find a movie to watch (there’s a movie theater right next to my dad’s place), but we couldn’t, ‘cause it was seriously crowded, so we went back to the apartment to try and buy the tickets online. Of course we were not able to, because the tickets we wanted (and we wanted to watch the Avengers, obviously) were already sold out, so we ended up going to another movie theater, the one at the Market Place mall. We watched Wrath of the Titans. Such a bad movie. The gods/semi-gods take about 30 minutes to get to their main enemy and then, right when you get to thinking “OK, now the real battle will start”,  they actually defeats the enemy in less than five minutes. Not that I dig battles or even action movies all that much, but when you’re already watching a movie like this, you might just as well try to enjoy it, right? And this final battle was supposed to be its best part. Oh, and at the end, the final kiss between the hero and the heroine is just ridiculous. Nothing goes on between them the entire movie, and then, at the very end, just to comply with the expected cliché, they kiss. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway. Then yesterday I came back to work, and guess what: stayed in until 10 p.m.! :/ I really need to have that talk with my boss soon.


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