Rainy day in SP

I caught so much traffic this morning. That’s a hell of a good way to ruin my mood. But, it hasn’t ruined it entirely. I am sleepy, alright, but I’m also glad for being sleepy 🙂 I got out early yesterday (actually, half an hour past my time, but still), so I went home and — tah-dah! — sat in front of my computer and wrote! Yay! Actually I only reviewed a couple of chapters, but now I feel like they look quite good and that I can move on with my review until there’s nothing else to review and I can finally start writing again 🙂

I won’t work on May 1st, so, who knows… Maybe I will be able to finish the review part. I think I can make it, if I put an effort to it. I’d also like to read as much as I can during the holidays, too. My book on Evita Perón doesn’t seem to end, ever! I just want to get it over with, so I can move on to another book.

We’ll see how it all goes.


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