Yesterday I got out from workd at about 10 p.m..

I am definitely not very happy about my job right now. I mean, I love my work environment and what I work with, but the way my team is currently structured makes it a little complicated for me to really enjoy all of that. I’m talking about one tax partner, two junior lawyers and one intern, period. That’s all we’ve got — which, for the amount of work we’ve been having lately, is not even close to being enough.

With that whole amount of work to do, I haven’t been able to study like I want to — because of course: being a junior, I’m perfectly concious of my need to learn and study in order to be able to have my own opinions about things (tax-related things) in the future. But I have had no time to do so in the last few months, and that somewhat frustrates me, since I would like to be able to — e.g. — draft legal opinions based on my knowledge and not mechanically and merely based on my boss’s opinion.

Anyhow. I’d also appreciate it if I could be able to have a social life as well as a working life. Right now, I don’t even have time to have a haircut. And even when I do have time, I don’t even have enough will to do it. All I want to do after work is to sleep, or to simply watch TV and chill at home without thinking about anything that matters. I often think that I should even get some therapy — but at what time would I manage to do that?

Anyway. I’ve been thinking about this stuff a lot, and talking about with my junior teammate, and we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re gonna have to talk to our boss about this. She (my junior teammate) feels the same way I do about all of this — and I think she’s even more entitled to do so than I am. She’s older than me and has been working here in the office for a few years now, so she obviously has a whole lot more responsabities (and, consequently, work) than I do. But still. We’ve been talking about this very frequently lately, so I think that soon enough we’re gonna end up saying something to my boss. Things just can’t remain the way they are right now. Otherwise we won’t survive here much longer.


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