Wedding countdown: 136 days!

I’ve just realized it!

So close already!

I’ve been trying to settle everything with the company that’s gonna make my invitations this week. I’ve been trying to call her since yesterday, but I haven’t had any time to do it — expect after 6p.m., when she’s already out from her office.

The girl from this company said they could also do the handwriting (that goes on the back of the invitation), but their price was absurd. So today I called a calligrapher indicated by my wedding planner and found out that her price was actually more than 50% lower than the company’s. I was glad to learn that. God willing, and if everything goes as planned, my invitations will look lovely 🙂 I chose to have them look very classic, off-white with our initials in high relief and a red wax-resembling seal. I just haven’t decided if I want them to have a different color lining — maybe golden… Maybe — or not.

After I’m done with invitations, I’m gonna start looking for the place where I’m gonna have my Bride’s day/spa. And then cake toppers, and wedding sweets, and party trinkets… My dad’s taking care of the beverages… Other than that, it’s all been settled already. But still, it’s a lot of stuff, and I don’t have much time to waste, so I think I should speed it up a little bit if I want to have it all done in advance. And I do want to have it all done in advance 🙂


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