CSI stuff

Last Sunday night, as I was checking my social networks on my father’s computer, I heard someone yelling outside: “Call the police! Call the police!” I ran to my window to see if I could find out what was going on. I saw a lot of people at their balconies trying to do the same, but no one seemed to be able to. Then my father’s girlfriend calls me from the living room and says: “Hey, did you see what’s going on down there? I think it’s a robbery or something, come see.” So I went out, and saw a bunch of people around a guy, who was lying on the floor and, from what I could see, immobilized by another guy who was sitting on him or something.

About half an hour later, my sister comes in and goes: “Guys, what’s going on in this building? There’s a bloody hand mark on the elevator door!”

So, in short, we later learned that the guy was actually one of our neighbors’ violent, crazy ex-husband, who came in to attack her for like the nth time – and for some reason he was allowed to go upstairs. She got a broken nose, among other injuries. When they probably started screaming too loud or something, our doorman called her apartment to check on her. Then the ex-husband got mad at him and went downstairs to beat him up, too. Poor doorman. He managed to get away from the guy, though. Then other people on the street realized that something was wrong and caught the guy and eventually someone ended up sitting on him. Police got there right afterwards.

Crazy. I always get impressed by how things I watch on CSI can actually happen.


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