Dinner with my sister etc.

After I go to the dentist, my sister and I are going out for dinner. She was gonna have to drop by to give my drivers license anyway, so I thogught we could have dinner around here as well. She’s gonna crash at my dad’s, so I asked her to bring me some clothes so I can crash there too, and my dad’s cook doesn’t work Thursdays, so would have to eat out anyway, since I would get home late (because of my dentist appointment) and be too lazy to make anything.

My dentist it as Vila Madalena, São Paulo’s most hypstery neighborhood. I used to work there during my third to fourth year of law school. It’s a fun neighborhood. A lot of nice looking, well educated people, lots of nice little restaurants and bars/pubs, and also a lot of cultural stuff — even the grafitti on the street walls there tends to be more politically engaged then elsewhere. Plus, for some reason, public transportation there is quite good (although I must admit that the neighborhood does have the advantage of being quite small) and the streets are pretty OK to walk around, in spite of their rough landscape.


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