Holidays :)

I had a great time during the holidays. On Friday I had lunch with my in-laws — my mother-in-law had made her specialty: codfish! YUM! –, and then went back to my place, picked up my dog and went back to my dad’s. He and his girlfriend were out at her parents’, in the country.

At night my boyfriend and I went out to eat — and, for my delight, he is starting to like Japanese food! He’s still not very fond of raw fish, but he likes salmon skin temakis, hot rolls and other grilled/fried dishes. He actually ordered a raw salmon temaki on Saturday, and ate half of it, but then gave me the other half. Still, it’s a start. And it’s healthier than hamburgers — which is mostly what we eat when we go out.

On Saturday I went shopping for underwear — I’m planning on renewing my entire closet before the wedding, so I figured I would start with its most basic item. Unfortunately, spending some money feels quite good 🙂 Then I went back to my place, where my mom had just arrived with my uncle from their trip to the country to see my grandparents. I had hoped I would have time to ask my uncle to be my “padrinho” (best man), but I didn’t, so I’m guessing I’ll just have to ask him by phone — which is not as cool, but better than nothing.

At night my boyfriend and I went out again (we had also gone out on Thursday, did I mention that? We should so have holidays more often :)), and I crashed at my dad’s, and then on Sunday I went back home to have lunch with my mom. We didn’t have anything special, but it was Easter and I wanted to spend a little time with her. Later I went to see my in-laws again, wish them a happy Easter and give them the chocolate eggs I had bought them 🙂 And then we all went to church together at night.

Then, on Monday, the count-down for the next holyday begun 🙂

My only regret from this holiday is that I didn’t write at all. I had planned to, but I procrastinated it till the last possible moment and ended up not doing it. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it this week, even if it’s just a little bit.


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