Tax returns

March an April are the months in which we deliver our tax returns here in Brazil. I need to have mine done soon. My boyfriend just called me to say that he just had his done — although he’s not the one who actually does it. He’s always had his father’s accountant do it. They have a commercial establishment, so the same accountant who takes cares of its taxes and stuff also takes care of their family’s tax returns. But as we’ve recently found out, he’s not the most righteous accountant in the market, if you know what I mean. And although I don’t like it at all, I understand that, in Brazil, when it comes to small businesses — like my father-in-law’s –, it’s just impossible to survive being perfectly faithful to the Federal Revenue. Our tax burden is simply unbearable. The Government has been trying to somewhat lighten it lately, but it’s all a bunch of palliative measures. We need a real, structural tax reform. But of course, the Government will delay it for as long as it possibly can. And we — the taxpayers — just won’t listen to H. D. Thoreau.


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