In love with a city

Would it be possible for one to be in love with a city? — she wondered.

And she felt it would, indeed.

In fact, that was the only possible answer to her — otherwise, how could she name what she felt for her hometown?

She had been born and lived there until she was two. Then her family moved back to their home country, and she came along to live and feel like a foreigner ever since.

But how could it be that she missed it so much, if she had only lived there for two years — and still as a toddling child? The memories she had from that place were all from the latests trips she’d made, and pictures her mom kept in an old photo album. Still, everytime she went back there it’d be like her heart had been longing for her just to lend her feet there one more time, and for her eyes to gaze upon its wide avenues filled with yellow-cabs and serious people on the sidewalks.

Even though she knew that if she lived there she’s end up hating it eventually, like when she got stuck in traffic or when mistreated in the street for looking too much like a latin-american, and even though she knew that, at this point in History, she’d be better off living in her good old third-world country. She would still get the butterflies whenever she thought about going back to her beloved metropolis.


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