Hostages of our own cars

Fact: living in São Paulo means depending on gas. Regardless of whether you move around by car, bus or even by cab.

I’ve always known that, but now that truck drivers have decided to go on a strike (due to a restriction against their circulation in one of our most important avenues, which entered into force last Monday¹), I realize how real it is. Cars have been lining up at gas stations, which have already started to raise their prices. My sister and I are staying at my dad’s at least until the weekend, in order to use as less gas as we can — since my dad’s place is closer to my working place and to my sister’s school than our own place. Plus, in case of a real emergency, we can always take a cab, or even a bus — which we wouldn’t be able to if we were at home, since it would either come out to be too expensive, in the case of taking a cab, or take us too much time, in the case of taking a bus.


¹ The Washington Post published an article about this:


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