Wedding plans

So I already feel that my PMS martyrdom has just begun once again. I’m sleepy, time seems to be going by more slowly than ever, and I’ve been letting myself be annoyed by silly things more often than usual.

I can barely wait until the end of the month — I’ve made an appointment with my gynecologist. Last time I went to see her was probably last year… Or was it in 2010? 😛 I remember having gone there and not going back with the results for the exams she had asked me to take — which I did take, though. All due to my lack of time. But now I promise I will return to her with my results. And hopefully she will prescribe me a nice contraceptive that will end my PMS problems and maybe even make my skin look better, and — most importantly — not make me gain weight. Also I’m looking forward to visiting this gym that is right across the street from where I work, so that hopefully I’ll start working out again soon. And this time I don’t just want to work out occasionally. I wanna make it a habit. A hobby. I want to make it part of my grown-up routine.

Oh, btw, did I mention I have finally closed a deal with an orchestra for my wedding and with the place that’s gonna make my wedding dress? 🙂 That was such a great relief. I mean, I still have some stuff to do for the wedding, but the heaviest half has already been dealt with and settled. Now comes the best part: tests and rehearsals! I still need to see who will do my hair and my make-up, plus my shoes, jewelry, the colors of my maids dresses, my gift list, my invitations, sweets, cakes, souvenirs, drinks… But all that will be easier than choosing the place, the flowers/decoration, the D.J., the orchestra and, of course, the photographer — all of which are already out of my way!

Also, I’m hiring a wedding planner now, so I’m hoping my job is about to get a little bit easier 🙂


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