Back to reality

So Carnaval is over and I’m finally back to real life. The holidays were fun — we went to our already traditional Carnaval church retreat. This year, the theme of our studies was the Church: what exactly the body of Christ is, our need to congregate and participate in church, the commission received by the church, and our particular/individual role within the church. Very clarifying, to say it in one word. On Monday, we had a costume party — the theme was Hollywood. I went as Little Red Riding Hood (yes, I managed to rent the costume last Friday, between my arrival in São Paulo and my departure to the retreat). Oh, and my boyfriend went as Peter Pan. So adorable! All of it was just so much fun!

Then my boyfriend’s grandfather passed away on Tuesday, early hours, so we had to go back to São Paulo early in the morning for his funeral. He was already very sick with Alzheimers, but still he will be missed. My father-in-law was very sad and cried a lot. But my boyfriend’s uncle gave us a very comforting speach, and we know he’s in a much better place right now.


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