Rainy day in Lins

Today I went to a few places — bank, notary’s office, restaurant — with my grandparents, my aunt and my cousin. All by feet. That’s the best part about living in a small town. I might go out for a walk by the end of the day, although the weather might forbid me. We’ll see.
Funny how things are so much cheaper around here. I went to a lan house this morning and paid $ 0.50 for the 10 minutes I spent there — whereas in São Paulo I would have paid at least $ 3.00.
I don’t know if it’s just because I’m in the country, but apparently all people can talk about on TV these days is Lindemberg’s trial — Lindemberg is this kid who kept his then girlfriend, Eloá, and a friend of hers, Mayara, as hostages and eventually murdered Eloá and ended up hurting Mayara with an accidental gun shot. All of this about three years ago. The trial was postponed a couple of times until yesterday. Today is the second day of his three-day trial. I do think that what he did was crazy and terrible, but I just hate it that the media treats the case as if it were the most important issue going on in Brazil right now.
Anyhow. It’s raining like hell right now. I hope it stops within an hour 🙂
My fiancé bought our couch yesterday. We already bought our bed and had our apartment repainted last week, and we’re planning on having our TV rack made soon, too. Last Saturday, my mom, my sister and I went out to see wedding dresses — for me, obviously. I liked a couple of them. After the holidays I might go back to those stores, check out some final details and maybe close a deal already. I’m also waiting for the girl from the orchestra to send me their draft agreement, so I can check it out and maybe settle that as well. Everything happening so fast! Seems like September will be here any minute 🙂


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