I’m a little disappointed at myself today. I had a conference call with a client today — I mean, I participated in the call, ’cause obviously I didn’t have a call with a client all by myself –, and at one point the client asked to talk about an issue that had been assigned for my team to work on yesterday afternoon. Since I was the one responsible for the whole research we had to do about that specific subject, my colleagues thought that I should be the one answering the question. But the report I had prepared — and I had already prepares a report, so it was not like I had no idea what the client was talking about — still needed to be revised by my supervisor, who wasn’t there in the conference room at that time, so I wasn’t sure if I should, you know, tell the client what I had put in my report. My heart rate went from like 10 to 100 in a couple of seconds when I realized I was supposed to say something to the client. Then the partner who was heading the conference said he could just tell the client that the person responsible for this matter wasn’t in the office and that we would forward him the e-mail containing our comments as soon as possible. And that’s what he did. A few minutes later, when the call was over, I was somewhat relieved, but I was also a bit frustrated at myself. I really wish I would’ve been 100% sure about what I had to say and just said it! But I guess this only means that I need to study and acquire more knowledge in tax law, as I already suspected.


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