Food allergies :/

I recently found out that I’m somewhat intolerant to peanuts, almonds and nuts in general. Sad, ’cause they’re absolutely delicious, and also because paçoca — typical Brazilian sweet essentialy made out of peanuts –is one of my favorite sweets in the whole world. Also kinda funny, ’cause I don’t remember having any trouble when I ate this stuff as a child, and I didn’t know one could acquire intolerance to certain kinds of food as they grew older. Thought it was in your genes or something. Guess I was wrong. Anyhow, I had a slice of nut pie this afternoon and now I basically itch myself every 5 seconds. My dad and I just came back from buying me an antiallergic though, and since I already took it I’m probably going to be dead-asleep in about half an hour.
Today was kind of a bad day at work. It was my boss’s last day at the office before she went on vacation, so she had to finish every unfinished thing she had, leave instructions and all that. In addition to that, my junior lawyer team mate was not in such a good mood today, ’cause her mom was sick, and then I kinda played lazy on her and didn’t even mention the fact that I had absolutely nothing to do the entire morning, and she eventualy found out, so she kinda got a little bit pissed at me — as she was entitled to. I’ve been trying to work on what I like to call my lazyness — which is sometimes enhanced by what I also like to call my shyness –, but sometimes I still fail on that. Plus, I feel like I’m a lawyer now, but I don’t know s*** about tax law, so last week I came to the conclusion that I seriously need to study some if I want to be reazonably good at what I do. And I’ll have to do it by myself, ’cause post-grad won’t come till next year. Thank God I don’t have to study gor the bar exam anymore.


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