Lunch & concert #2

The James Blunt concert was awesome! I was impressed to learn that he is actually able to reach those sharps he often reaches in his studio tracks — which I doubted he would. I might even buy some of his albums one of these days, or maybe just download them. This has happened to me a couple of times before, with Coldplay and U2: after going to their concerts, I started to like them even more than I already did.

The show was crowded, btw. I had no idea it’d be that packed. We got there about 15 minutes late — due to mad traffic –, and we had to park at outside, because the venue’s parking lot was already full. We left the concert right when the last song started, though, so we didn’t have much trouble getting out of there. My boyfriend even ran into an old friend (more like an acquainted, from what he told me) of his, who is gay and was there with his boyfriend, who might have gotten a little jealous after my boyfriend unintentionally said the ultimate jealousy-igniting sentence — Hey, remember me?

Anyway. After that we went to Joakin’s for a couple of hamburgers and H2OHs, then he walked me home and we spent a few more minutes in his car before he left. I love those little moments we have in his car. We usually just sit close to each other and talk, but it’s really nice, because, since we’re alone, we feel free to say anything we want, so we usually listen to music and say stupid things — and then, of course, we laugh a lot 🙂

Today I went out for lunch with a friend — the one I often go out for lunch with. It was nice. We usually go to this place called Feijão Brasil, that serves Brazilian typical food — which might seem kinda obvious, but trust me: it’s not, especially in São Paulo –, because it’s really close to where we both work and usually not overly crowded. Except on Wednesdays, when they serve feijoada. Then you might have to wait about 20 minutes to be able to get a table. Still, it’s a lot less then what you will find in other places — like this Japanese place close by, where you might easily have to wait for over 40 minutes to be able to sit.

Anyhow. I didn’t have much sleep last night, so I’m kinda tired and hoping I can get out early today. I’m going back to my mom’s, so that means it’s going to take me a little longer to get home today. Still, I’m hoping I can manage to have time to review a few more pages from my Novel, so that I can finally start writing it again soon 🙂 And tomorrow, that same friend of mine with whom I had lunch today, and her hubby, might join my boyfriend and I for dinner. I hope it works out. It’s been a while since we last went out together. They’re so much fun.


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