Lunch & concert

I had lunch with my sister and my cousin today at this place called Café Creme. We had fun, it was really nice. We shared two dishes of filet à parmegiana, and still there were leftovers. After lunch, I accompanied them to the building where my dad works — they decided to take the oppontunity to pay him a little visit. We were only a couple of blocks away anyway.

I’m going to the James Blunt concert tonight with by boyfriend. He’s going to pick me up at work and then we’ll go from here. It’s kinda funny that he likes JB a lot more then I do — I mean, I do like him, but my boyfriend probably has him like on his most played playlist. It’s nice that we’re going, though. I love going to a good concert every once in a while. Especially when it’s at the Credicard Hall. It’s a really nice venue. The only bad thing is that I might not have my best looks on tonight, since I stayed up late last night, reviewing my (beautiful, lovely and exciting!) novel (haha) — so I look pretty tired today — and my sister forgot to bring me the clothes I asked her to — so I might just have to go wearing what I currently have on, which is not the nicest outfit I have in my wardrobe. But maybe it’s not that bad. And my sister might still bring me my clothes, so I might still have a chance of feeling a little prettier 🙂


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