Funny cabbie


The cabbie who drove me home was listening to a soup opera on the radio. I just thought that was so funny. In my imagination, I tend to think that men don’t usually like that kinda thing, but all too often I realize I’m mistaken! Same with Paulo Coelho — world-famous Brazilian writter. Critics hate him around here, and I myself haven’t ever read even a single page of either one of his novels. It’s probably just out of prejudism, I realize that — people say his stories are all mushy and stuff — and I might just buy one of his books one of these days, just for the hell of it, but anyway. The other day, as I was looking at an old classmate’s Facebook page, I found out that he apparently is Paulo Coelho’s biggest fan in the world! And he’s Korean! I would never have guessed. It sounds silly right now, as I read it, but still, it amazed me at the time.


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