Last weekend, my dad had a talk with my boyfriend and me — about the wedding and stuff. And he asked me about my health insurance plan — ’cause I’m no longer under his plan now that I’ve graduated. I told him I had stuck with the most basic of all the plans — “Silver I” –, and he didn’t like it (and I don’t really disagree with him. I just don’t worry so much about that kinda thing like he does, but that’s just probably because I’m too young and unexperienced), and my boyfriend didn’t like it either. So today I asked the HR guy here at the office about the possibility of changing plans, and I found out I still can change it! Yay! I’ll have to pay a little extra, though, but it’s fine, I guess. You never know what can happen, right? I mean, the services covered by all of the plans are the same; what changes from plan to plan are the hospitals they cover. So at first I was like: what the hell, right? I never get sick (and I thank God for that)… Plus, if the covered services are the same in each and every single one of the plans, why should I pay more just to be able to go to this or that specific hospital, right? But now that I’ve given it a little thought, I realize that’s not entirely true. I’ve never had to go through any surgery or anything (except when I had my wisdom teeth out, but that doesn’t really count), but if I were to do so, I would certainly want to be hospitalized somewhere I trust, you know? If I were somehow sick, and especially if it were a reasonably serious disease, I bet i wouldn’t feel comfortable going to some hospital I had never heard of… So I’ll pay a little extra, then. It’s not even that expensive now that I thought about it.


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