Funny how things always turn out just fine at some point, and I suddenly realize that I didn’t need to worry after all. God is so good to me all the time. It makes me realize how much I just don’t deserve his goodness towards me.

My dad and I went our for dinner yesterday and, to make a long story short, he said he’ll give me my wedding dress as a gift. He said he also wants to talk to my boyfriend and I today about our financial life during this “transition moment” we’re going through.

Speaking of which, my aunt (one of my dad’s sisters) just called and I picked up the phone. She said she wants to give me a microwave as my wedding gift.

These last few days I’ve been going through my writings — I write a little story, that I like to call “Novel”, or Romance in Portuguese –, and I’m planning to start writing it again during my vacation week, which by the way is getting near! I can’t wait till I get to my grandparents’ and just chill for a whole week, just studying for the bar exam and writing my novel.


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