Back to SP… For my birthday 🙂 I’m 24, now. Still don’t feel like a 24-year-old, though.

We went out for dinner last night — my dad, his girlfriend, my sister, my boyfriend and I. We first went to this place called D.O.M., but we were told we would have to wait for like an hour and a half — even though it was already 11: 30 p.m. –, so then we went to another restaurant, about a block away from D.O.M., called Dalva e Dito. They both have the same chef, and Dalva e Dito serves [authentic] Brazilian food. I had a delicious rabada — which is nothing but an oxtail. Yum! I loved their menu, btw — they describe their dishes in a very cute and humorous way, with funny little remarks on how that dish is delicious, or traditional, or well served. Also, the waiter who served us was very attentive and funny.


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