World Car Free Day

Yesterday was the WCFD. I would’ve loved to have taken the subway or a bus to school, but at this moment of my life I simply cannot.

I mean, I used to take a bus to school every morning for three years before I got my car. Where I live, there’s no reasonably nearby subway station that takes me to school. Or anywhere. In fact, the closest subway station at that time was about 3 km away from my home, and it wouldn’t take me downtown. Right now there’s a new one, 6,5 km away from where I live, but at leats it goes downtown.

Anyhow. Since I had to take a bus to school, I would have to wake up at 5:30 a.m., then get on an ultra crowded bus, stop at Av. Teodoro Sampaio to get yet another ultra crowded bus (and sometimes even a third at Av. Dr. Arnald0) so that I could finally arrive at school.

By the third month under that routine, I started having terrible migranes — probably out of exhaustion. I did eventually just get used to it, though, and I gradually stopped having migranes. Still, I’d always hate the thought of waking up that early — only to spend and hour and a half squashed inside a tuna can.

Yes. I have this thing that I just can’t stand people touching me. Crowded places make me desperate — really. So sometimes I’d actually make a third stop — even when it’d make me run late — just so I could take a deep breath and wait for onother bus, in hopes it’d be less crowded. Sometimes it wasn’t.

Plus, I’m a short person — which is never a good feature when it comes to riding in an overly crowded bus. For some reason, it always feels like there’s less air down here then up there, where the taller people are breathing.

Anyhow. Three years later — about six months after I started to work (as an intern) –, my dad finally gave in and decided to give me a car. And now that’s how I go to school everyday. I sometimes still take an hour and a half to get there, it’s true, but at least it’s a way more comfortable ride.

I know. It sounds terribly futile and non-eco friendly, but unfortunatelly it’s true.

Next year, though, when I move to the Saúde neighborhood, then I’ll most def take the subway to work. It’ll be a dream come true to me. Besides the fact that it less poluting, It’ll take me 20 minutes tops to get to work. But as for right now, going to school/work using public transportation is not a very practical option. Not at all, actually.


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