Party place: check

Good news: my fiancé closed a deal with the place where we’re going to throw our wedding party! Yay!

For the last few days I’ve been calling a bunch of people, trying to draw up an estimate on the costs we’re gonna have, but for some things — like the party’s food in general — it’s too soon, still. Decoration is what worries me the most, though. Turns out it’s more expensive then I had imagined.

Now I’m trying to find a church for the cerimony. I have one in mind, but I still don’t know if they do weddings, specially for non-members. But I’ve sent them an e-mail today, so maybe tomorrow I’ll have some more good news to share 🙂

The church is called the Swiss Evangelical Church of São Paulo. And it is so beautiful! I’m planning on visiting them some time soon, to see if I can find anyone who can give me the info I need (price, procedures, dates etc.) — since I tried calling them several times a few weeks ago, but no one would answer.


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